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One particular polar bear subpopulation experienced a 40% decline in numbers between 2001 and 2010, which was blamed on sea ice changes. To make matters worse, it now turns out that certain man-made chemical pollutants could be making their penis bones more fragile, which may adversely affect reproduction. 29 Aug 2016 Balaclavas in the bank, reindeer tongue and 24hrs of sun: Ice People live a crazy life.

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27 Jan 2015 Like the mammals they're attached to, polar bears' penis bones—also called bacula—appear to be facing considerable danger. As New Scientist reports, a team of researchers has found that polar bears with high levels of PCBs have less dense bacula, making the bones easier to fracture. 30 Jan 2015 In the Arctic, pollutants banned from the U.S. in 1979 but still floating around the environment seem to be affecting the strength of polar bear penile bones, possibly compromising the ability of the animals to reproduce. PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were once used in everything from transformers to.

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The polar bear penis possesses baculum—a penis bone which is found in nearly all placental mammals including primates. However baculum doesn't occur in human penis. The function of the penis bone is to facilitate the bear in copulation. It isn't attached to the rest of the bear's skeleton. 12 Feb 2015 Now research is also showing that some of these chemicals can affect the bears' sex lives. Scientists from Aarhus University, Hvidovre Hospital, and University of Copenhagen have found a correlation between the amount of PCB in the polar bears' environment and the strength of their penis bone. This can.

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20 Apr 2015 John Oliver is hilarious, but his Sunday night bit on pollution and polar bears' penis bones is based on shaky science. The baculum is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. It is absent in the human penis, but present in the penises of other primates, such as the gorilla and chimpanzee. The bone is located above the male urethra, and it aids sexual reproduction by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration.

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Study on threat to polar bear penises inspires media, tweets — and comic John Oliver Like gorillas, hedgehogs and otters, polar bears have a penis bone, called a bacula. They need the bone to mate successfully. Global warming is all fun and games until somebody breaks a penis! For a long time, scientists have been aware that chemical pollution makes polar bears' testes and penis bone smaller. Concerns over polar bears' mating potential have now grown after Danish researchers found pollution also reduces penile bone density, increasing the risk of.

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26 Jan 2015 First climate change, now penile fracture – polar bears have got it pretty rough. Various mammals, though not humans, have a penis bone, also known as penile bone or baculum. Even though the function of the polar bear’s penile bone is unknown, Sonne believes that a weaker.

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Industrial chemicals that were banned decades ago continue to cause problems among polar bears, which are already being hit hard by melting sea ice in the Arctic. Man-Made Chemical Pollutants Could Be Making The Polar Bear Penis Bone More Fragile. 18403 Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Yes, you read correctly, polar bears have a penis bone, or baculum as it is correctly termed. Many mammals possess a baculum, including certain carnivores.

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